Clerk of Courts

What is a Clerk of Court?  “Clerk of Court definition”

The definition of a clerk of court is someone who is charged with keeping the clerical records of the court.  Clerks of court serve county governments in the United States by receiving, filing and managing the records of the court.

What does the Clerk of Courts do?

Citizens often search out the clerk of court in the county they live in in order to pay traffic fines, learn about pending or previous court cases, respond to jury duty summons, and many other services that are tied to their city or county.  For example the Orange County clerk of court in Florida maintains more than 47 million digital court records.

County Clerk Office Information

The office of the county clerk is typically an elected position serving the county in the state. Customers visit the physical county clerk office to pay traffic fines, pay criminal fines, deal with probate issues or even tom make their obligated child support payments.  County clerk offices often maintain multiple physical office locations in the counties they serve.  While many of the official records of the court are now available online through the clerk’s website, you can visit office locations as needed.  If you are to visit the County Recorder’s office, be sure to bring basic identification with you – this may include a driver’s license or other form of identification, birth certificate, evidence of your social security number, or a recent utility bill that prominently displays your home address.

What is the County Superior Court? How does it differ from the county clerk of courts?

A “superior court” in the United States is typically a court with higher or unlimited jurisdiction over other courts in the county or state.  Superior courts can hear appeals from lower courts.  Higher crimes like felonies are typically settled in superior court.  A superior court differs from the county clerk of courts in that the superior court is a more “advanced” court that deals with more complex and serious cases.  The county clerk of court, as stated, deals with administrative needs of the citizens in its county.

Find Your County’s Clerk of Court

Our online database provides the names, address, phone numbers, and contact information for all county clerk of courts in the United States.  Find your county clerk of court here below.

Harris County District Clerk
Houston, Texas
Chris Daniel

Miami Dade Clerk of Court
Miami, Florida
Harvey Ruvin
Clerk of the Board Office

Hamilton County Clerk of Courts
Aftab Pureval
Address: Hamilton County Courthouse, 1000 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-5656

Franklin County Clerk of Courts
Clerk Lori M. Tyack
375 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 645-8186

.  The Broward County Clerk of Courts
Brenda D. Forman
100 N Pine Island Rd, Plantation, FL 33324
Phone: (954) 831-6565

Orange County Clerk of Court
several locations: Main 700 Civic Center Drive West
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Who is the Orange County Clerk of Court?
There are several “Orange County” locations in the United States.  Orange County, Florida’s clerk of court is Tiffany Moore.

Summit County Clerk of Court
Sandra Kurt
Address: 205 S High St, Akron, OH 44308
Phone: (330) 643-2211

Seminole County Clerk of Court
Grant Maloy
Address: 101 Bush Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773
Phone: (407) 665-4450

Hillsborough County Clerk
County Government Office
Brandon, FL
(813) 276-8100

Who is the clerk of court for Hillsborough County?
The clerk of court serving Hillsborough County, Florida is Pat Frank.